About Us


Basix was founded right here in Chicago, IL. When we realized the ever growing population of the casual consumer. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products to the everyday consumer to make their life that much easier when it comes rolling the perfect cone. From the ROLLR to papers, we got you covered for that after work cone. No more having to smoke out of that dirty glass piece, time to enjoy a perfect cone in minutes!


Keeping your quality comes down to proper storage. keeping your product safe and secure is crucial. We are developing a series of containers to ensure that your product stays as fresh as can be.


Rolling is an art, and with the right tools, you can master the art as well. We provide you with all the necessary tools to simplify your process and bring ease to the art of rolling.


Every smoker is unique, so we have cultivated all the necessary smoking essentials to make sure that you have access to tools for every form of consumption.


Enjoying your concentrate is a science. With the proper tools, you can maximize your experience to make the most of your products. Maintaining taste and cleanliness is our top priority, and with all of our accessories, you can complete your own arsenal.


Maintaining your smoking arsenal is important to getting the most out of your products. We want to provide you with every tool you will need to make sure that your gear is as clean as can be.


Igniting the right type of flame is important to enjoying your products. We provide you with the option that best fits your needs.

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